Дизайн — это работа

Книгу Design Is a Job часто включают в списки «10 книг которые должен прочитать каждый, а если нет, то ты быдло-кодер-дизайнер и отобрать у тебя все покусанные яблоки незамедлительно».
Читается легко, но если вы уже работаете хотя бы год в команде, то великих откровений не найдете.
Вот несколько цитат:

  1. Almost no one is coming to the sites you work on because of your excellent design work, and those few that do are there to steal. People show up for the stuff. Design makes the stuff easy to find, and a pleasure to use; but it’s not the stuff. The web is made of content. Design is what holds all that content in place.
  2. There’s a difference between being enjoyable to work with and being “nice. ” Being nice means worrying about keeping up the appearance of harmony at the expense of being straightforward and fully engaged. Sometimes you need to tell a client they’re making the wrong call. Part of client services is being able to do that without coming off as a dick. But being afraid to do it because you’re too invested in being “nice” is worse than being a dick.
  3. The value of your work to a particular client depends on what the client has to gain from that work. And the client is not buying time from you. They are buying work. The value of that work is what you need to charge them for.
  4. The point isn’t to do research — it’s to understand. It’s not a checklist item that we’re happy to allow someone else to cross off.
  5. Never apologize for what you’re not showing. By the time you’re presenting, you should be focused on presenting what you have, not making excuses for what you don’t.
  6. Design is an iterative process, done with a client’s proper involvement at key points. The goal isn’t always to present finished work; it’s to present work at the right time.
  7. Don’t be arrogant. Confidence means you believe you’ll succeed because you’ve done the research, you understand the problem, and the work you’re presenting backs that up. Arrogance is believing you’ll succeed despite not having done those things. Don’t be that jerk.
  8. Don’t waste a client’s time walking them through what they can already see. Your job is to explain how what they’re looking at is the best way to achieve their goals.

За $10 купить и скачать можно тут.
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